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Information is not advice

This website is intended to provide information that gives employees a starting point for getting a better understanding of their share awards and the decisions and actions they might  wish or need to take. Information is not advice.

You should not take any action (or decide to take no action) on the basis of any information contained within this site without being sure it is right for you or taking your own professional advice.

Using this site will not give rise to legal rights of any kind. The information here is very general so it must not be relied on as a substitute for reading the information that your company provides to you or for getting advice that takes account of your particular circumstances.

Overseas aspects

The information on this website is intended to help UK share plan participants. So if you are a resident of another country or you have to pay tax in another country as well as in the UK, you need to understand how that country’s legal and tax systems work alongside those that apply in the UK. Your situation may be more complex.

Things change

We try to make sure the information on this website tracks the position under English law and the latest HMRC information on the Government’s website. But laws change and taxes change and we can’t guarantee that we will always keep up. People’s individual circumstances are different. We can’t cover everything and we can’t know your personal circumstances. It is up to you to decide whether to seek advice before deciding to take any action (or not).

Legal disclaimer of liability

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